How to Remove Pimples Overnight


Once you pass puberty,  pimples seem to come out of nowhere,  randomly,  with no warning.  And they’re as annoying as ever.


While the first urge you’ll have will be to squeeze them,  don’t! This causes the biggest types of scars and will only make matters worse.  Instead, follow these key pieces of safe pimple-extracting advice.



Cleanse the Area Gently

Oil is a pimple’s best friend,  and it’s your worst enemy.  Before taking any further steps,  wash your hands thoroughly,  then apply a gentle cleanser to your fingertips.  Gently cleanse the area with your fingers and a small amount of water. Pat dry.

Apple a Warm Compress

Fold a washcloth and run it under warm to hot water.  Squeeze it of as much water as you can,  then hold it against the pimple.

Apply light pressure, and wait for approximately five minutes.  This will cause the pimple’s head to come to the surface of the skin,  and it will be easier to extract.

Apply Pressure With Cotton Swabs

Now it’s time to safely pop that thing.  Use cotton swabs on either side of the pimple head,  and apply light pressure.  Never use your fingers or fingernails for this step.

Cotton swabs won’t cause scars or create damage.  Push on the head,  and if it pops out,  great! If not,  stop and move on to step 4.

Spot Treat

Make sure you always have some benzoyl peroxide handy.  This is the best ultra drying,  ultra pimple-fighting cream.  Apply it over the pimple,  followed by a noncomedogenic moisturizer,  and go to bed.

In the morning,  the swelling should have gone down,  and you may be able to wait it out or successfully complete steps 1-3 again.

Pimples are a part of life.  Don’t get too bent out of shape about them,  but take the time to carry out these appropriate steps for care.  When it goes away safely and quickly,  you’ll be glad you didn’t pop it and leave a scar!