How to Shave Your Mustache With an Electric Razor


So you want to change the look of your face by shaving your mustache? Whether you want to create a larger looking mustache,  make it smaller or wipe it completely off,  we can help. In this article,  you will find key information on how to shave your mustache using an electric razor.


The Many Benefits of Using an Electric Razor

Many people think that an electric razor is just an expensive regular razor and that shaving with a straight razor will give you just as good of a shave,  but this simply is not true. An electric razor can save you from nicking yourself so badly that you bleed,  and it is also easy and fast to use and clean. Now,  find out how best to use one!

Before You Shave With an Electric Razor

You can’t just go right into shaving. Before you shave with an electric razor,  you need to prepare. This means preparing your face and what you want to shave as well as your products and utensils.

  • 1. You will of course need make sure you have a good sharp blade on your electric razor. The blades on these tools last a long time,  but change your blade at least once per year to avoid irritating your skin.
  • 2. Second,  make sure to wash your face. Getting water on your mustache will soften the hairs and make them come off easier for a nice clean shave. Use hot water with a little bit of cleanser and a washcloth. Let the water soak in.
  • 3. Pat your mustache area dry with a clean towel and use a little bit of talcum powder to dry the area further.
  • 4. Apply pre-shave to your mustache and facial area next. Make sure it is one that is alcohol based as this will help you to remove oils from the skin,  and it will also make your mustache hairs stand straighter. They will be easier to trim and shave that way.
  • 5. Finally,  you’ll need to locate the way your hair is growing on your mustache. This is called the grain. The grain will be the direction that feels the smoothest when you run your fingers over it. Usually for your mustache,  the hair grain will run downward. On the outer corners of the mouth,  the grain may begin to run more horizontally.

While You Are Shaving

There are some other things to remember while you are shaving as well. These steps will allow you to get the cleaning shave on your mustache.

  • 1. Start by remembering which way the grain of your hair runs. You’ll want to shave opposite of the grain.
  • 2. You will need to use both your hands while you shave. One hand should be used to hold your skin taught while the other one grasps the electric razor and shaves against the grain. Most men use the hand that they write with (their dominant hand) to hold onto the razor,  and they use their other hand to hold the skin,  but the choice is yours.
  • 3. While you shave,  avoid going over one area of your skin too many times. Electric razors are great because they hardly ever damage the skin by way of cuts or scratches the way that straight razors often do. With that being said,  you can still irritate the skin if you go over one area of the skin too many times.
  • 4. Finally,  make sure that you have a plan in mind as you shave. You need to have a shape that you are going for so that you can achieve that with your razor. Look at pictures if that helps you to get what you want by way of a mustache,  or if you want the mustache completely off,  simply go right over all of it with your razor.

What You Should Do After Shaving

When you get done shaving,  there are some other things that you’ll need to do as well. You want to make sure that you are taking care of your electric razor in the best way possible,  and you also want to assure that your skin stays hydrated.

  • 1. Your face will be slightly aggravated from the razor after you shave,  so the first thing you should do is apply some sort of calming lotion. Choose any lotion that feels and smells good to you,  but keep in mind that there are lotions made especially for after shaving that you can get too. Applying lotion closes up the pores on your skin and seals in lotion. This step is absolutely vital during the winter when the air is dry and when you use a pre-shave that has alcohol in it because the alcohol will dry your skin out.
  • 2. Next,  you’ll want to clean your razor because there will be a lot of little hairs in it. Most electric razors come with cleaning utensils that you can use. There should be a brush with the supplies,  and you should be able to lift the head off so that you can get all of the mustache hairs out. Put them in the garbage and not down the sink drain as they could cause a clog.
  • 3. The metal pieces of your electric razor will also need to be lubricated. These pieces include the screen and the cutter. The lubricant usually comes in a small bottle with the rest of the cleaning supplies. Just dab or drop a small amount of the lubricant onto the screen while you have the razor on. Leave the lubricant on the metal pieces,  and do not worry about wiping them off.
  • 4. Put your electric razor back into its carrying case,  and always keep it out of reach of children.

An electric razor is a great asset to any man’s toiletry bag. It can save you a lot of time because straight razors take longer to use in many cases. In addition,  you don’t have to worry about cuts or scrapes with a nice electric razor. Use the directions,  tips and tricks found in this article to ensure you have a close and clean shave on your mustache every time you use an electric razor.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. As always,  feel free to ask any questions or give your input as you see fit.