How To Stop Armpit Sweating Naturally


Most of the time,  sweating is just a normal part of life,  but sometimes it can cause embarrassing problems for men and women.  If you have a sweating problem,  you may fear going out of the house,  especially on hot summer days.  You might avoid exercise or physical activity because you know how much you sweat on a normal basis.


No one should have to go through this.  If you sweat constantly under your arms,  there are things you can do to combat this problem.  There is no need to stay in your home,  avoiding exercise and sports that are good for you and worrying what people will think.

In the following article, we will be discussing ways that you can successfully get rid of underarm sweating.  There are a lot of different ways that you can succeed in this.


You just have to learn a little bit more about underarm sweating first and then choose the treatment or product solution that works best for you as a unique individual.

What Causes Underarm Sweating?

There are several different causes of underarm sweating.  The first cause is a normal and natural one.  We all sweat to cool us down.  It is a system built into the body when we’re born.  Sweating acts as our own personal air conditioner.  So what is happening when you are sweating way more than normal under the arms?  It could be one of the following things.

Medications  Some medications for diabetes,  thyroid disease and problems in the endocrine system may cause excess sweating.

Menopause  Hot flashes and excessive sweating often accompany menopause in women.  Usually,  this is only a short-lived side effect that goes away in a few months or years.

Disease  Sometimes,  cancer,  hepatitis,  certain infections and lung or heart disease can cause excess sweating.  See your doctor if you start sweating so much that you soak your clothes at night while sleeping.

Overactive glands  The truth is,  some people just sweat more than others.  This could be you.  The disorder is called hyperhidrosis,  or “excess water.”

Stress  You have probably noticed that you tend to sweat more in high stress situations.  For example,  you might sweat a lot when you are in front of a large audience and about to give a presentation.  To help this, many people wear light or thin clothing when they know they will be in a high stress situation.

Heat  Finally,  this is another no-brainer.  When your body is overheated or overexerted from exercise or some form of tough physical activity,  you will sweat more.  This is normal,  and you should not be ashamed.  If you plan on exercising or playing a sport a lot,  just make sure to use plenty of antiperspirant before you go,  bring an extra t-shirt and shorts to change into and use a sweat towel as you warm up.

Treatments for Excessive Underarm Sweating

There are many different treatments for excessive underarm sweating.  Again,  it is up to you to try a few of these different treatments and see what works best.  Not everything will work for everyone.

Home Remedies for Underarm Sweating and Odor

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1. Baking Soda and Cornstarch  One of the best home remedies for underarm sweating and odor is a home made deodorant made out of cornstarch or baking soda.  Simply dust your underarms with these ingredients (lightly),  and they will absorb your excess moisture.

2. Shaving  This is an easy one.  Simply shave your underarms,  and you will definitely notice a limited amount of odor.  The hairs usually absorb the odor and make it hang around for longer.  If you are a man,  this practice is perfectly acceptable in present culture.

3. Tea Tree Oil  This wonderful smelling oil can be dabbed (only 1 or 2 drops that have been diluted in a few tablespoons of refined water per underarm) beneath the arm to make the area smell better.

Surgery for Underarm Sweating (Armpit Sweat Gland Removal)

Some people have such a problem with their sweat glands overreacting that they head to a doctor or surgeon who can actually help them to remove the sweat glands in their underarms.  Keep in mind that this is only a procedure recommended for those men and women who have serious sweating problems.  Not everyone will need to get surgery to cure their underarm sweating and odor.

If you do decide on the surgery,  the process is relatively imply,  and it involves an out-patient surgery with a laser.  Make sure that you only contact certified doctors or surgeons who can perform this procedure.

Tips to Stop Underarm Sweating

Keep these tips in mind for stopping underarm sweating.

1. Best Underarm Deodorant for Excessive Sweating  Antiperspirants help most people who have excess sweating underneath their arms.  Make sure to find antiperspirants that have aluminum in them as this heavy duty ingredient is responsible for stopping the sweating in its tracks and inhibiting those foul smells.


2. Underarm Sweating Pads  When you really need to keep your clothing clean,  dry and sweat and odor free,  consider getting some underarm sweating pads.  These can be purchased for both men and women at local pharmacy or online.  The pads stick inside the underarms of your shirt or sweater.  They are thin and hardly noticeable,  and what is great about them is that not only do they help to absorb excess sweat and take away foul odors,  they also protect your clothing.

The sweat is not noticeable,  but you also get to keep your clothes for longer as many people end up throwing out shirts and button-downs because of pit stains.  There are different kinds of underarm sweating pads.  There are disposable pads and those that you wash and reuse when they are dirty.  Either is fine,  but if you sweat a lot you might want to keep a few of the disposable kinds in your desk or purse for emergency situations.

If you have an excessive sweating problem,  remember never to be embarrassed.  This is an issue that effects many people from all over the world.  Try the advice found in this article to help you with your problem.