How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat


Straightened hair is in style now.  But the problem with straightening your hair everyday is that the heat you put on it can be very damaging.


Apply a straightening oil

Have you ever noticed that when your hair is a little greasier than usual,  it gets straighter?

Hair that is naturally wavy or curly needs some weight to straighten out.  A straightening oil can aid in this.


1. Choose your straightening oil

You can choose between several different oils.  Jojoba is a great first choice,  but if you don’t have any jojoba oil,  you can also use the olive oil in your kitchen cupboard.

2. Apply the oil

Apply the oil to your hair.  You should not completely coat it because this will make your hair look greasy and unattractive.

Put 5-6 drops in your palm,  swirl it around and comb it through your hair from midway down the shafts to the ends.

3. Comb your hair

Finally,  you’ll want to comb your hair for several minutes.

Do not comb that man times near your roots,  because again,  this will weight down your roots,  and you just need your shafts and ends to lay straight.

Comb your hair from midway down for about 3-5 minutes to evenly distribute the oils.

The comb, spray and dry method

This method of straightening your hair without heat takes a little extra time,  but it can be done.

1. Gather your tools and accessories

For this method of straightening your hair without heat,  you will need shampoo,  conditioner,  a clean towel,  detangling spray,  a wide-toothed comb and hair spray.

2. Wash and condition hair and leave wet

Start by taking a shower.  Wash and condition your hair with your normal hair care products,  then lightly and gently towel dry your hair.

3. Comb, spray and dry

You’ll need to be constantly paying attention to your hair as it dries.  Once you get out of the shower and dry your hair lightly with a towel,  apply a detangling spray and comb it straight before spraying everything with a quality hair spray to hold it.

Follow this routine every 15 minutes as your hair dries: comb it straight and apply hair spray to hold it.  Once it dries completely,  it will be straight.

Remember,  if you absolutely must use a straightening iron on your hair,  be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand.

Spray on a heat protectant,  or use a heat protecting serum or cream.  This will protect your hair from unwanted damage.