How to Take Off a Henna Tattoo


Many people use henna on their skin for fanciful tattoos and designs. These make beautiful decorations for religious events or otherwise,  but they can be difficult to take off. This article will help you learn how you can take off a henna tattoo. We will present some different options so that you can try different methods and find one that suits your needs the best.


What Is Henna and How Is It Used on the Skin?

Henna is an ink commonly used to decorate the skin in intricate ways. You can get a henna tattoo on your skin that will last for days or weeks,  or you can also use henna on your hair to dye it a different colors.

Henna comes from the powdered leaves of a shrub that grows in tropical climates like North Africa and South Asia. The shrub produces twigs and leaves that are crushed,  and these elements are made into a paste. Henna is commonly used in Indian culture,  but other cultures use it as well.


Henna is applied to the skin in a thick paste and put into designs on the skin. The paste is left on the sin for several hours before it is wiped off,  leaving a tattoo design that can range in color from dark maroon or brown to orange or red. Using henna is a natural way to dye the skin and hair,  and many people prefer it to real tattoo ink or hair dye. It is wise not to use pre-made henna because this type of henna can have too many chemicals in it.

Can Henna Be Removed From the Skin?

Henna is used primarily to decorate the skin for a short amount of time,  but after a while,  it’s important to be able to get the henna off. Indeed,  henna can definitely be removed from the skin,  but it will take some work. In this article,  you will learn how you can remove the henna from your skin.

1. Scrub the Henna Off

You can start the process of removing henna from the skin by using a wash cloth to scrub off the henna. You will also be using soap and an abrasive exfoliator.

  • Start the process by getting the materials ready. You will need a wash cloth,  some soap and an exfoliator. You will need to begin by soaking a wash cloth in warm water. You can use an exfoliator like salt in olive oil or sugar in orange or lemon juice.
  • Put some of the soap or exfoliator on your warm wash cloth and start to massage the skin with the cloth. Don’t rub so hard that your skin gets aggravated. Alternatively,  you can use a small skin brush instead of a wash cloth. This might help to dislodge the stain on the skin.

2. Use Creams and Oils for Removal

If the wash cloth and the exfoliation does not completely take off the henna,  you can use some creams and oils to remove the henna. These components will help break down the tattoo and help to wipe it away.

  • Get some baby oil or olive oil from your home to use. You will also need some cotton balls or cotton circle pads. Soak your cotton ball or circle pad in oil,  and slowly rub it on the henna tattooed area. You can use a cream on your skin if you don’t want to use oil.
  • You may want to leave the oil on your skin for 30 to 40 minutes. In this case,  simply pop in a movie,  apply the oil on your henna tattoo and wait. After 30 to 40 minutes,  start rubbing it off with a cotton pad or cotton ball.

3. Remove the Henna Tattoo With Lemon

Lemons and limes have natural acids that help to break down components on the skin. You can use lemons as a bleaching agent for your teeth or skin,  and the lemon can definitely help to remove stains like henna on the skin.

  • This process will go easier if you have a juicer. Juice a lemon and soak a cotton ball or circle pad in the juice. Make sure your skin is clean before you start to apply the lemon juice.
  • You may want to rub the lemon juice around on the tattoo for a few minutes,  or you can let it soak there. The acids from the lemon will help to remove the henna.

4. Use Nail Polish Remover or Makeup Remover

Nail polish remover is not the perfect go-to for the skin and for removing henna,  but it can be used as a last resort. Makeup remover is a little easier on the skin,  but it is not quite as effective as nail polish remover.

  • This process will be similar to the process with the lemon juice. Simply soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover or makeup remover and apply it to the henna tattoo.
  • You can rub the nail polish remover or makeup remover on the skin to help the removal process.

Finally,  remember that you will just need some time to pass for the henna to completely come off. Henna is a serious dye even though it is not as long-lasting as the ink from a real tattoo. It is not as easy to remove as marker or a fake tattoo,  either. If you have a henna tattoo or plan to get one,  make sure that you do not plan an event in the near future where you will need the henna tattoo to be gone or unnoticeable.

On the other hand,  if you cannot get the remainder of the henna tattoo ink off in time for an event,  you can always use a thick concealer or makeup foundation to cover up the rest of the henna. After you have attempted to rub off the henna,  it might have not completely disappeared,  but it may still be a light red,  orange or yellow. A concealer or foundation should be able to easily cover this up. Until this point,  use the other removal methods listed above,  and you should be able to get rid of the henna tattoo completely in no time.

Overall,  I hope you enjoy this article,  and as always,  I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.