How To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without Surgery


Congratulations! You’ve lost the weight,  and you’re keeping it off! This is not an accomplishment that everyone is capable of.  It’s tough work to lose weight.  It takes motivation,  persistence and overcoming temptation.


If you have recently lost a lot of weight,  however,  you may notice that you have some loose skin on your body.  For many people,  this loose skin is annoying and embarrassing.

You want to be able to show off your great new body without this extra skin hanging off of you.  If you have recently lost weight and are looking to get rid of some excess skin,  read on to learn more.


Is It Possible To Tighten Up Loose Skin

Is It Possible To Tighten Up Loose Skin?

The good news is that yes,  it is entirely possible to tighten up this skin.  If you have recently lost around 200 pounds or more,  it will be more difficult to tighten up that loose skin,  but it can be done.

People who have lost even more than 250 pounds may need to seek a doctor’s help to get rid of the skin.  But the great majority of people who lose weight will fortunately be able to take care of this problem at home with natural remedies.  Let’s dive in.

What To Do With Excess Skin After Losing Weight

First thing is first.  You will need to figure out whether you are really dealing with loose skin or stubborn subcutaneous fat.  Subcutaneous fat is a thin layer of fat that sits right beneath the skin.  The fat is jiggly and soft,  and many people think of it as skin when it is really just stubborn fat.

You can easily tell whether you have excess skin or just some extra stubborn subcutaneous fat.  Simply pinch the area in question in between your pointer finger and your thumb.  If you can grab a thickness of more than a few millimeters,  it’s fat, and you will need to simply keep dieting and working out to get rid of it.  If it’s only a few millimeters thick,  then you have skin,  and you can get rid of it with the following information.

cardio exercise

Exercises To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

A large part of getting rid of this skin is adding more muscle to your body.  This muscle will be able to fill out that loose skin and tighten up your physique.  You can do this with weight training exercises.

There are two basic forms of exercise:  cardiovascular exercise—which makes your heart pump hard,  makes you breathe heavy and makes you sweat a lot—and strength training exercise or weight training.  Weight training may make you tired and sweaty,  but it does not pump your heart as much as cardio.

Cardiovascular exercise is used to get rid of fat,  and weight training is used to build muscle.  You can weight train with actual weight.  There are dumbbells,  free weights,  medicine balls and kettle bells for this.  Or you can weight train with just your body weight.

Diet To Tighten Loose Skin

Because you will want to be building a lot of muscle to take the place of the fat that you lost in your body,  you will want to help that muscle regenerate with the aid of protein.  This is why you should go on a high protein,  high fat diet.

Many people are scared by the words “high fat,” but really what this means is simply more fat and protein than sugar and carbohydrates.  The latter will make you gain fat very quickly,  so you don’t want that.

Focus your diet around fruits and vegetables.  When you crave something more substantial,  stay away from carbs.  This means staying away from bread,  doughnuts,  rolls,  pasta,  cookies,  cakes etc.  Instead of these foods,  try to eat more lean protein.

You’re lean protein can come in the form of white meat like turkey or chicken,  fish like salmon or tilapia,  beans,  eggs or nuts.  Finally,  incorporate a lot of water into your diet.  This will help to moisturize your skin and make it more elastic.

Skin Tightening After Weight Loss Cream

You can also help skin to retain its elasticity by adding moisture directly to the skin.  You can do this with skin tightening creams designed to firm the skin.  Find lotions and creams that contain shea butter and coconut oil,  or you can use straight coconut oil if you prefer.  Rub the cream or oil onto the excess skin every morning and every evening,  making sure to cover all areas.

How To Prevent Sagging Skin From Weight Loss

One of the key ways to prevent sagging skin and weight loss is to lose weight at regular intervals.  This means not losing a bunch of weight all at once.  When you lose weight fast,  your skin (which is stretchy—think of a balloon that fits whatever is in it) does not have time to bounce back to its original,  trim shape.  This is why you may notice some sagging excess fat hanging off of certain areas of your body when you lose weight fast.  Try to lose a few pounds each week.

In addition,  you can consider taking a dietary supplement that will help to improve your skin’s elasticity.  One great dietary supplement for this very reason is called beef gelatin.  This supplement contains a blend of key vitamins and nutrients.

These include zinc,  cartenoids,  vitamin C and selenium.  A study at Stanford University found that taking a gelatin pill like this could improve your skin’s elasticity by up to 10%.  If you take this while you are losing weight,  you may see tighter skin at the end of your weight loss.

Tips To Tighten Loose Skin

Finally,  don’t get too hung up on excess skin.  Many people lose a ton of weight and then all they focus on is the fact that they have loose skin.  What about your wonderful accomplishment? Don’t forget to be proud of what you’ve done.  Losing weight is definitely not an easy feat for everyone.

Remember to congratulate yourself on that,  and if it makes you feel better about yourself and the way you look,  try the tips and tricks found here to get rid of that excess skin!