How to Treat Baby Acne at Home


Baby acne is actually a very common occurrence.  It appears similar to acne present in teenagers.  There may be red or white pimples and pink skin around the area.  Some medical professionals believe it could be caused by certain medications the mom is taking during pregnancy,  but sometimes it is from a bad reaction to an over the counter skin product.  Even though baby acne is nothing to worry about,  there are a few things you can do to help your baby’s complexion.


Never Use Over the Counter Medicines for Adult or Teenage Acne

These products are to harsh for the skin of a baby,  and the things they fight are likely not the factors that are causing acne in your child.

Be Gentle

Using a harsh washcloth or scrubbing at a baby’s skin will only cause them discomfort.  This won’t affect the outcome of the acne,  which is not caused by dirt.  Never use an exfoliator on babies as it is unnecessary.


Use Mild Cleansers

While you don’t want to scrub at your baby’s skin,  you should still cleanse it each day with a mild cleanser and a clean cloth or your hands.

mild soap for baby acne

Avoid Oily Products

It could be oily products that are causing your baby’s pores to get clogged.  Check the ingredient labels on all of the creams and other items you use on your baby’s skin.  Do some trial and error to figure out if there are any products that could be doing more harm than good.

Just like with adolescents,  acne on babies usually clears up after a few days or weeks.  It is typically present from birth or appears a few weeks after the birth day.  For moms and dads who are concerned with baby acne,  try the steps above,  and if those don’t work,  talk with your doctor.