How to Utilize Coffee Scrub for Getting Rid of Cellulite


Coffee is one of many people’s favorite drinks. It’s a pick-me-up when we are feeling tired and lethargic but need to get some major work done. It’s helpful when we are ready to throw in the towel but need to make that extra push to finish the day. But coffee is good for more than just drinking. It’s also good for getting rid of cellulite on the legs, stomach, buttocks and arms.


Even the best of us gets those signature dimples on the body. Some of the most fabulous women in Hollywood even have them. This helpful article will guide you through how to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time with the use of a coffee scrub. Let’s get started!

Why Does Coffee Work on Cellulite?

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We will start by addressing the first question that you probably have: what is coffee going to do to cellulite? Well, it just so happens that caffeine is the number one enemy of cellulite. Caffeine gets things moving in the skin and in the body (as we know!) so it makes sense that it will affect cellulite because cellulite is essentially fat beneath the skin (called subcutaneous fat) that is laying ideal and tends to get uneven and form those signature dimples.


It’s easy to make your coffee scrub, and you likely already have all of the things you’ll need in your kitchen! Let’s get started on the assembly process.

1. First, gather what you’ll need

  • The things you’ll need are simple ingredients, and they should be as organic and natural as possible to promote health and wellness.
  • Gather together some coffee grounds (they should not have been used yet in your coffee maker), 5 tablespoons of organic, raw coconut oil (remember it will be solid at room temperature), and 2 tablespoons of organic sugar, or you can use salt as well if you prefer. Finally, make sure you have an empty jar or container to keep your new scrub in!
  • As an option, you can also use a dry brush if you have one or an exfoliating wash cloth, but keep in mind that these items might get clogged with coffee and the rest of the ingredients.

2. Get to mixing!

  • The next step will naturally be to start mixing up the ingredients. You should put together everything in a mixing cup first so that you have room to stir and make a mess.
  • Remember that if your coconut oil is solid, and it probably will be, you should zap it quickly in the microwave to turn it into a liquid form.
  • Mix everything vigorously, and if you need to add more of any ingredient go ahead. This won’t be an exact science.

3. Transfer the mixture to your storage jar

  • Again remember that you can keep this scrub, because the goal here is to use it everyday for quite some time to get rid of cellulite.
  • So find an airtight and also waterproof container, and transfer the mixture into it.
  • This mixture will last up to one month, but if you are using it every week as you should be, it will run out after one month.

4. Get ready to start scrubbing away that cellulite

  • It’s time to start scrubbing. This mixture when applied correctly will not only help you to get rid of cellulite, but it will also be a calming therapeutic experience that will make you feel invigorated and alive!
  • You’ll want to apply the scrub in the shower. You don’t have to take a full shower if you don’t want to, but you should at least stand in the tub to do what you need to because otherwise, you will run the risk of getting the mixture all over your clothing and the floor.
  • You can use your dry brush here if you want to by simply rubbing it in soft, circular motions around the areas where you will be using the scrub for cellulite. Remember that when it comes to dry brushing, you need to make sure that you always brush toward the heart to promote healthy circulation. Dry brushing because putting on the coffee scrub and scrubbing will help loosen the top layers of skin and get rid of any yucky dry skin there.

5. Scrub away the cellulite

  • To start using the scrub, simply splash some cool or lukewarm water onto the areas of the body that have cellulite. Don’t soak or immerse yourself. The water will help to move the scrub around.
  • Using your hand, take a small scoop (about 1 to 2 tablespoons) of your mixture out, and apply it to your skin. Now, using your hands, your dry brush (one that you don’t mind getting wet and clogged) or your washcloth, use soft circular motions to rub the coffee scrub into your skin. The smell will be wonderful!
  • As you scrub, make sure that you are focusing on one area for about 10 to 15 seconds and then moving on to another area. You can go back to the first areas to work on it later, but you don’t want to scrub your skin raw, so pay attention.

6. Rinse

  • The last step in this process is to rinse your skin off. Don’t worry about the grounds, oil, sugar or salt. That will all dissolve as it goes down the drain as long as you don’t use everything at once. But do be careful if you happen to spill the whole thing in the drain!
  • Rinse your skin off with lukewarm water in the shower and make sure that all of the scrub gets loosened and off of you.
  • As you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Now would be a great time to apply a nice, calming skin lotion or moisturizer.
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Finalize your routine by writing down the time and date that you used your scrub. You will want to do this once every week, and shortly, you will see a great difference in your body. Your cellulite will disappear!

Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.