Key Foods That May Be Causing Your Cellulite


Got cellulite? Many women do, and it’s certainly not fun. No one likes dealing with cellulite on their bodies because it tends to make people extremely self-conscious. But not anymore. Did you know that you can get rid of cellulite mostly by just eliminating certain foods from your diet?


It’s true. There are some key foods that have been scientifically deduced to be cellulite-causing, and we have them all here. Let’s check out which foods you need to eliminate in order to become cellulite free!

1. Sugary Foods

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There are many sugary foods to be wary. You’ll want to cut out all candies, cakes, donuts, ice cream and other sweets from your diet. This may be hard to do at first, but sugar is an addiction. Once you stop eating so much sugar, you will notice that you have a lower tolerance for it. In other words, even eating a small piece of dark chocolate will seems very sweet in your mouth after you have been off sugar for a while.


The reason that sugar is bad for you is that it increases your overall blood sugar. In the body, sugar turns to glucose, and this turns to fat. Fat is exactly what cellulite is: subcutaneous fat to be specific.

2. Fast Food

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Fast food is nobody’s friend. When you go to the drive-through of your favorite fast food restaurant, you’re asking for trouble. Fast food restaurants deep fry almost everything on the menu, and many of the ingredients in their foods are not even real, natural ingredients. For example, the meats that you think are real meats are often made up of chemicals that your body can’t handle and filter.

3. Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is a known dehydrator of the body. It literally sucks the water out. This is not good for your skin, and it is not good for cellulite either. In fact, drinking more alcohol each day promotes the formation of cellulite and makes it hard to get rid of once you already have it.

If you want to go out with friends or loved ones to have a drink, that’s fine. One drink per day won’t hurt you, but don’t go overboard. In addition, make sure that you’re compensating for the alcohol you drink with water. At a restaurant where you order an alcoholic drink, always order a glass of ice water along with the drink. This will help to keep you from getting dehydrated and will stop the formation of cellulite.

4. Processed Foods

Processed foods are everywhere, and you might not even know it. The bread you had for breakfast as toast was probably processed. The juice you drank at lunch was processed. Snacks that come in bags and boxes at the store are almost always processed. This means that they are not a whole, natural foods.

Instead, these foods contain chemicals and other bizarre ingredients that you probably can’t even pronounce. In fact, that’s a great way to tell if a food is processed or not. Look at the ingredients list and try to see if there are any ingredients that you don’t know what are. If there are, then it’s probably a processed food.

Many people tend to turn to processed foods because they are the easiest, and this is especially true when you are busy or slammed with work.

For example, it’s much easier to grab a bag of chips to eat for lunch then to cut up celery and peel and slice some carrots. To help you avoid eating so many processed foods because it’s easy, try to plan your meals ahead more often. If you know that you need a lunch to bring to work for the next day, prepare your lunch ahead of time the night before. This will help you greatly.

5. Fatty and Salty Foods

You need to remember that we are mostly talking about saturated fats here. There are indeed some fats that are good for us, so keep that in mind. For example, some protein fats on fish, eggs, milk products and some meats are actually good for you and promote a healthy body.

The key is to eat these foods in moderation. Other fats that are actually very good for you include those that come naturally from fruits and veggies as oils. For example, avocados, olives, almonds and many other foods produce oils that are heart-healthy and can improve your skin tone and hair!

So What Foods Should You Be Eating to Reduce and Eliminate Cellulite?

After talking so much about the foods that we should not be eating, doesn’t it make sense to start talking about what foods we can eat? There are actually many foods that promote a healthy body and can reduce and eliminate cellulite. One of these foods we have already talked about, and that’s healthy fat.

Healthy Fats

You’ll want to get enough healthy fats in your body each day, but don’t go overboard. Foods like avocados, walnuts and almonds, olive oil and canola oil and beans have a lot of healthy fats. Eat these in small amounts along with the following foods.

Fruits and Veggies

In addition, make sure that you’re eating a lot of fruits and vegetables each day. You can cook these food in different ways. For example, consider steaming, boiling, stir frying or roasting your vegetables. You can also eat them raw in salads or as crudités. Your fruits into yogurt (in limited quantities) or smoothies, or eat those raw. You can even put them in your oatmeal.

Healthy Proteins and Whole Grains

Finally, some lean, healthy proteins that are found in beans, nuts, fish and lean meats are also good for an anti-cellulite diet. Whole grains like brown rice and wheat bread eaten in moderation can be a smart idea to incorporate into your diet as well. Eating an overall balanced and healthy diet full of all of these foods will promote a decent weight for yourself, and this will help to eliminate cellulite that you might already have and prevent more cellulite from forming. Remember, the key to getting rid of cellulite with your diet is eliminating the five foods mentioned above. Good luck!

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