What you should know before Laser Acne Treatment


Acne causes troublesome scars that are hard to heal.  Scars are unsightly and can leave a person feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their skin’s appearance.


Thankfully,  there are several effective treatments to help clear up the ugly skin condition.

One of the treatments is a laser acne treatment.  It is one of the most effective scar reducing treatments available.  However, a licensed dermatologist does have to perform this simple procedure.


The treatment can be expensive,  but it is worth receiving if it helps a person feel better and more comfortable in his or her own skin.

Does Acne Laser Treatment Work?

Acne laser therapy is one of the most effective treatments for ridding acne zits and scars.

Laser acne treatment is effective because the light and heat that comes from the laser device used on the acne prone areas helps kill the harmful bacteria that encourage acne breakouts.

However,  acne breakouts also occur because the pores are too large due to constant germs,  dirt and makeup that become stuck inside of them. When this occurs,  the sebaceous glands within the skin produce more oils.

These oils also help the bacteria stay trapped beneath the skin,  which is no good. You end up with acne breakouts.

With the laser treatment,  the acne can clear up along with the scars left behind and the pores can reduce in size preventing future outbreaks.

laser acne treatment

Laser Acne Treatment Before and After

Before the laser acne treatment your skin will appear reduce and swollen. It may even be painful for you.

There might be clusters of acne breakouts all over your face,  neck or even back.  You will not feel comfortable about how you appear.

After your first laser treatment,  your skin may look and feel the same,  but within a few days,  it should begin to clear up.

With multiple laser treatments performed by a dermatologist the skin will appear less red and swollen. In fact,  the acne will heal and the scars will fade.

In time,  your skin will look and feel beautiful again with a smooth even complexion. Your skin will have a healthy youthfulness to it as well.

Laser Acne Treatment Before and After