Provillus vs. Rogaine


Why Does Hair Loss Occur in the First Place?

Sadly, hair loss is becoming a common event for many men and women around the world. What is happening to make these people start losing their hair? It’s happening to people who are as young as 18 and 25.


There are many reasons why hair loss occurs. First, it can simply be caused by genetics. If your father or mother experienced hair loss, chances are that you might as well. In addition, this problem could be caused by stress. This is something you can control, but you’ll need to either see a therapist or choose a solution like meditation or exercise to help you deal with the stress.

In some cases, the hair products that you use on your hair can cause hair loss. For example, if you use a hair straightener or curling iron every day, this can have a negative effect. And finally, sometimes, certain diseases, illnesses or medications can cause hair loss in certain people.


Preventing and Reversing Hair Loss With Provillus and Rogaine

There are two main hair loss remedies that we are going to talk about in this article. The first is Provillus, which is a hair loss solution that combines a vitamin with a topical treatment. The next product is called Rogaine, you have probably already heard of it. It uses only a topical solution treatment. Let’s look at each of these products in turn to compare them for optimal hair loss and balding or thinning treatment.


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What Is Provillus?

Provillus has two parts, a multi vitamin that should be taken each day on a regular basis and a solution that needs to be rubbed into the scalp. The vitamin and the solution provide essential nutrients (including minoxidil in the solution) that helps to restore hair growth, and the vitamin offers essential vitamins and minerals for overall health as well. This is a product that can be used for men and women.

The Pros of Provillus

Provillus has worked for many individuals to combat hair loss. These are the benefits that you will have to look forward to when it comes to Provillus.

  • Promotes overall hair regrowth and the covering up of bald patches
  • Improves circulation in the scalp
  • Can be used in combination with other products
  • Quick to use for the most part
  • Contains minoxidil, which is proven to work at regrowing hair
  • The vitamins help with overall health

The Cons of Provillus

Unfortunately, Provillus also comes with a few cons that you might not like. Here they are.

  • Some people have said they get dry and red scalp from this product.
  • You will need to continue taking it even after it starts to work.
  • The vitamin has caused stomach pain and nausea in some people. Constipation has also been cites by some.
  • The product for the scalp can be messy.


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What Is Rogaine?

Rogaine is an FDA approved solution to male or female thinning hair or baldness. It includes the chemical called minoxidil in a solution that must be rubbed into the scalp each day. Unlike Provillus, it does not contain a multivitamin.

The Pros of Rogaine

Rogaine can be a great product, so here’s what you can look forward to.

  • Helps to regrow hair at a fast pace and has a great reputation among both men and women users
  • Easy to apply for the most part
  • Does not have a vitamin that you have to take
  • Contains minoxidil, which is proven to work at regrowing hair
  • FDA approved

The Cons of Rogaine

Here are the things that you are probably not going to like about Rogaine.

  • You’ll need to use this product on a daily basis for it to work, and that can get annoying. This is the only way that this product will work.
  • You’ll also have to continue using this product even after the hair regrowth starts again, which can be annoying.
  • The product can get messy.
  • Some people experience an itchy scalp.
  • Results don’t always come through for some people.
  • The product can be expensive over time.

Provillus vs. Rogaine: The Verdict

All in all, both of these products have been successful for a number of people when it comes to getting rid of balding patches and improving hair growth over time. Some people like Provillus because it offers a daily vitamin as well, and some people prefer Rogaine, which likely has the best reputation. With both of these products, there are also some pitfalls as you can see. The best choice is to go with one, follow the directions closely, and see if you get results. If you do, great! If not, try the other product.

Getting Healthy to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss

Finally, don’t forget that you can do other things at home to help yourself keep hair loss at bay. These are simply things that will help you be healthier overall.

Start by exercising on a regular basis. You don’t have to do a lot, just go out and walk around the block once per day for starters, then try to amp things up by jogging, biking or swimming as you get better. You can also try to eat better by making sure that you are always getting fruits and vegetables into your diet every day. Drink a lot of water and cut down on stress.

Do all of these things at home, and go ahead and try one of the different products outlined in this article as well: the Rogaine or the Provillus. See what you think about the one you try, and hopefully it can do the trick for getting your hair back once and for all.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I look forward to the discussion.