The Best Cellulite Treatment Cream on the Market


When it comes to fighting cellulite, you’ve certainly got a lot to contend with in the drugstore aisles. You’ll see whole lines of products and skin care kits that claim to get rid of cellulite. Some of them will only cost you a few dollars, so if those don’t work, you’re in the clear. But others may cost $30, $40, $50 and even hundreds of dollars.


So what’s a girl to do? Should we be expected to pay these amounts for all different types of creams that may or may not work on our cellulite? We say no.

Some Cellulite Creams Really Do Work

There are certain cellulite creams that can actually work on your skin. But these are few and far between, so we wanted to let you know about them right now. The reason that only a select number of the treatment creams work is that these special and unique creams are the only ones that contain 4 special ingredients. Any cream that actually contains the following four special ingredients will work to strip you of cellulite and finally get rid of it! The ingredients are:

  • 1. AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  • 2. Vitamin C
  • 3. Retinol
  • 4. Vitamin A Derivatives

In the following sections, we will go over each one of these important cream ingredients in detail to deliver you the best information on how to get rid of your cellulite. Remember that each ingredient plays a special role in helping your skin become smooth and dimple free for life!

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1. AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Alpha hydroxy acid is one of the key skin care ingredients found in many products. Generally speaking, you will find this ingredient in 10% concentrations or less. This is because it can be quite abrasive, but it acts well for cellulite to actually peel away the top layers of dimpled skin.

For this reason, alpha hydroxy acid is also used in many types of chemical peels that maybe used on the face, neck and chest. The chemical peels along with different forms of microdermabrasion how to make skin smoother, softer and more even. Because this is the goal of anyone with cellulite, it makes sense that this ingredient is imperative to any cellulite treatment cream.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another key ingredient for helping to give you healthier, brighter and younger looking skin, especially in areas where you have cellulite. There are many important benefits of vitamin C. First, it helps to boost healthy amounts of collagen for tighter and firmer skin with no dimples, lumps or bumps. It also takes care of some irritation or inflammation that may be the cause of cellulite damage.

3. Retinol

Just like alpha hydroxy acid, retinol is often used on the skin to prevent signs of aging and to resurface the top layers. But this ingredient is more than just a fighter of wrinkles and fine lines. You see, we all need collagen in our skin to help prevent it from breaking down as it often does when you get cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms or back.

But as we age, our bodies stop making so much collagen. This can cause a slower rate of cell turnover, and cellulite maybe the result. To fix the problem, retinol comes to the rescue and helps the skin to produce more collagen and to keep it smooth and soft.

4. Vitamin A Derivatives

Keep in mind that retinol is actually a form of vitamin A. It is a derivative of vitamin A. All derivatives of vitamin A help to reduce the presence of the free radicals in your skin. Free radicals happen when you ingest or encounter toxins each day of your life.

As these attack your body, again your levels of collagen breakdown, and this could be the cause for cellulite. Using a cream with added vitamin A derivatives will help to give you more collagen and get rid of those free radicals.

Where Can Creams With These Ingredients Be Found?

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There are only a few creams on the market today that include all of these ingredients and some others that will benefit you when you’re trying to get rid of cellulite with a topical cream. Most of these creams can be found on the internet at skin care websites or at your local dermatologist’s office. Some of them can be found at the drug store.

The Weight Issue Is Important As Well

If you have a lot of weight to lose or even 10 or 20 pounds, this is going to impact how much cellulite you have on your body. So the weight issue is also important as you aim to get rid of cellulite. Use the following tips to help you reduce your weight and the cellulite you have.

  • Start some sort of cardio exercise regimen. You might try running, jogging, swimming or another sport that is highly active.
  • Make sure to get some strength training into your routine as well because the building of muscles is imperative for helping to reduce cellulite.
  • If you need to lose a significant amount of fat on your body, you’ll need to go on a diet and start counting your calories. Write down everything you eat each day in a small food journal that you keep with you.
  • Try eating more flaxseed every day, which helps boost the growth of collagen in the skin and supports normal estrogen levels in aging females.
  • Drink more water every day. 8 to 10 glasses on a regular basis should do the trick.

Finally, remember that it is probably likely that you will still have some cellulite even after you finish a bout of using these special ingredients in a cream and doing everything you can at home. This is an important note to keep in mind because it reminds you that you are human. Everyone has imperfections and that’s okay. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to get rid of the bulk of your cellulite using the tips found in this article. Good luck!

Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.