The Best Cellulite Treatment Reviews


Knowing what to do about cellulite can be a real challenge! It’s hard to know what methods of treatment will work and which are just going to cost you an arm and a leg, take forever and be bothersome more than actually helpful in the long run.


To help you decide what to do about your cellulite, this article is a compilation of the best cellulite treatment reviews. You will learn about all different types of cellulite treatments here, and you will be able to discern which of these quality treatments will work for you and your particular body and skin. Let’s get started!

1. Cellulite Laser Treatment

Cellulite laser treatment is especially new for the treatment of the lumps and bumps that cellulite gives to the skin, but it can be one of the most effective techniques. It involves going to a doctor or medical spa where electronic treatments with a device and wand will take place.

  • Effectiveness: Again, this method of treatment has been extremely effective for the people who can afford all of the treatment and take all of the post care treatment seriously.
  • Treatment Time: Prepare yourself to go in for treatments about once every few weeks. You will need to have at least 3 treatments of cellulite lasers before you start to see the real results show up.
  • Cost: This is the downfall of this method of treatment. Each session usually costs hundreds of dollars.

2. Dieting as a Cellulite Treatment

The first treatment that we will be discussing is dieting. Many men and women think that dieting and eventually losing fat from the diet is the answer when it comes to losing cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, stomach, back and upper arms.

  • Effectiveness: This treatment can be highly effective but only if you are overweight or clinically obese. If you are at a normal weight, this method will probably not work for you to get rid of cellulite.
  • Treatment Time: Dieting will indeed take time—at least more than a month. The actual time it will take will depend on how well you are at dieting to lose weight and how much weight you have to lose. As an estimate for yourself, you should expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week if you are on a healthy and effective diet.
  • Cost: As long as you do not join a special dieting program, subscribe to a specific dieting method or hire a professional chef or nutritionist for your diet, this method of cellulite treatment shouldn’t cost you anything extra!

3. Dry Brushing for Cellulite Reduction

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Dry brushing involves the use of a soft haired handheld brush. You will run the brush all over the areas on your body where you have the most cellulite, directing the brush strokes toward your heart.

  • Effectiveness: Dry brushing can indeed be very effective for some types of cellulite. It all depends on how often you do it and how well you know how to use a dry brush. Keep in mind that there are different techniques to learn to be effective.
  • Treatment Time: You can expect to see results with the dry brushing technique within a few weeks to a month. You will really start to see a change after about 2 months of consistent use. You’ll have to dry brush for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • Cost: For this method of treatment, expect to pay only approximately 10 to 20 dollars. This will be for the cost of the dry brush that you purchase.

4. Exercise for Getting Rid of Cellulite

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As opposed to just dieting, exercise actually plans to build muscle for you, and therefore, some camps believe this is the true path toward getting rid of cellulite once and for all.

  • Effectiveness: Fat is actually what cellulite is, so yes, if you can get rid of the fat and replace it will some lean muscle from strength training, cardio and other exercise, you will see some changes and notice the effectiveness of this method.
  • Treatment Time: If you exercise roughly 30 to 60 minutes a day 6 days a week, expect to see changes in 2 weeks’ time.
  • Cost: The cost is nothing more than usual if you know how to exercise on a dime. Go for runs, play sports with friends, or ride bikes with your family members for virtually free exercise!

5. Cellulite Creams and Serums

We’ve all seen them, and they seem to be everywhere: cellulite creams and serums that claim to get rid of the cellulite lumps forever after using only one or two times. If you’ve seen these products in the stores or online, you know that they have created a huge industry. So do they really work to combat cellulite?

  • Effectiveness: The answer to whether or not these creams and serums are effective is that they do sometimes, and it all depends upon the ingredients that are in the products. It makes a difference whether or not the products that you buy are made by mass producers for cheap or made by actual chemists who know about dermatology. Keep this in mind.
  • Treatment Time: When a serum or cream is effective, expect it to start showing signs of working within about 2 weeks to 1 month.
  • Cost: Unfortunately, the better creams are often more expensive, and the same goes for serums. The good thing is that these products often last for a long time.

As a final reminder, remember that sometimes, cellulite will not go away completely, and instead, you need to be able to just be satisfied with getting rid of cellulite for the most part. Cellulite happens to most women! It is a completely natural part of the body. It is only when cellulite gets to be very large on the skin and pervasive to your life so that you are constantly embarrassed and annoyed by it that it becomes a serious problem. Use some of these cellulite treatment reviews to find a method that could work for you!

Overall, I hope you enjoy this article, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.