Top 10 Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


The medical term for fungus of the nails is actually onychomycosis. This disorder is categorized by discomfort, pain, swelling, inflammation, discoloration, peeling and itching of the toes near the nails. The skin around the toenails may also become thick, yellow and crumbly.


Sometimes, an abnormal pH level on the skin causes toenail fungus, but there are a variety of reasons why any given person might have it. Sometimes, it’s because of weak circulation, the build up of sweat in the shoes, an irregular immune system or simply put, it may be the result of poor hygiene. For whatever the reason, nail fungus is definitely something that you’ll want to get rid of! Use these 10 amazing home remedies to do just that.

1. Olive leaf extract

  • Olive leaf extract is a great remedy for lowering cholesterol, and it can also act as an anti-fungal component and can eliminate viruses that may be causing nail fungus.
  • You don’t need to add the extract physically. Simply take this as a supplement.
  • You can find olive leaf extract as a supplement in drug stores or on the internet.

2. Baking soda and baking powder

  • The fungus on your toenails wants to have an acidic environment where it can flourish, so your goal is getting rid of this environment. Baking soda can do this, and it works even better when mixed with baking powder.
  • Mix about 1 tablespoon of each in a bowl and add a little bit of water to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste to your nails when you have a fungus. Leave on for 10 minutes twice per day.

3. Corn meal

  • Corn meal is actually a fungus host, but it hosts the good kind of fungus and it will kill nail fungus.
  • You’ll need to add a lot of corn meal to a basic, then add in as much water as you need to make a liquidy paste.
  • Put your feet or hands into the basic and leave for about 40 to 50 minutes. Rinse and dry, then repeat daily.

4. Coconut oil

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  • Coconut oil has a strong fatty acid chain within it to help penetrate dangerous fungi that may reside in nail fungus.
  • Simply purchase a can or bottle of coconut oil at your local drug store or grocery store, and apply a thin later of the oil to your fingernails or toenails when you have a fungus.
  • Let it soak in for about 20 minutes, then wipe off with a damp wash cloth. Do this daily for a few weeks until the fungus goes away. You should know that this will also heal broken or itchy cuticles as well!

5. Oil of oregano

  • Oregano is known for being added to dishes like pizza and spaghetti, but it also has anti-fungal properties as well that make it great for nail fungus.
  • You can dab the oil directly onto your nails and let it soak in as you please. You don’t even need to wash it off.
  • In addition, if you want to make your own oil instead of buying it, start growing oregano in your home!

6. Probiotics

  • Sometimes, when your gut has an unbalanced amount of flora, you can get fungus on your nails. To resolve this, probiotics can change the amount of flora in your gut.
  • You will need to take probiotics orally. Find them at your local health food store, and make sure to store them in the fridge.

7. Tea tree oil

  • Tea tree oil is a powerful disinfectant used in everything from acne cleanup to cleaning your bathroom counters.
  • You can use this undiluted by gently rubbing it directly into the affected areas of your nails, or you can dilute it and let your feet or hands soak in the water and tea tree oil mixture.
  • For either solution, repeat daily.

8. Lavender oil

  • When you just have a mild case of nail fungus, lavender oil will come to your rescue.
  • This anti-fungal oil can simply be rubbed into the skin around the nail generously.
  • If you are using it on your feet, make sure you wear wool or cotton socks and not synthetic fibers so that the oil has time to soak in.

9. Apple cider vinegar

  • You can use apple cider vinegar internally or externally to deal with issues like fungus on the nails.
  • Externally, simply add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts to about 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Put your hands or feet into the mixture and let soak for 20 minutes before rinsing.
  • Alternatively, take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar each day as a supplement.

10. Orange oil

  • Orange oil is a strong disinfectant, so it can be used on anything from nail fungus to acne on the face.
  • Simply use a dropper to add a few drops of this oil to the affected area and let it soak in for about 50 to 60 minutes.
  • If you find that the orange oil is too strong for you when left undiluted, simply add some water to it before applying to your nails.

Finally, remember that you should be taking good care of your feet if you want to avoid having nail fungus that is recurring. The truth is, nail fungus can occur on your toenails, but it can also happen on your fingernails, and this can be even more of a challenge to face because you use your fingers and hands every day!


To have good hygiene, make sure that you shower every day and wash all parts of your body with a quality disinfecting soap. Don’t skip scrubbing your feet, either. If you have trouble with calluses on the bottom of your feet, use a pumice stone with regular frequency to take care of those. And in public gyms, locker rooms and showers, always bring a pair of flip flops instead of walking around barefoot on the floor. Following all of these steps and remedies will ensure that you don’t have to mess around with nail fungus ever again!

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