Top 10 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks


Let’s face it, stretch marks are the pits! You want to look beautiful on the beach in your new bikini, but how can you when you have scars on your thighs? You want to show off your physique at the gym, but how can you when there are marks on your biceps?


Stretch marks often occur on the upper legs, upper arms, stomach, calves and buttocks. If you have stretch marks anywhere on your body and want to get rid of them, use these top 10 home remedies for taking care of stretch marks the natural way!

What Are Stretch Marks and Why Do They Appear?

Stretch marks happen as the result of your skin changing shape. When you grow in any way, the skin needs to stretch, but when growth happens too quickly, the skin doesn’t have time to stretch without causing marks or scars. For this reason, it makes sense that stretch marks often occur when women get pregnant, when people body build and gain muscle or when people gain weight because of eating too much or not exercising enough.


1. Potato Juice

  • Sounds odd, but there are tons of amazing vitamins in potatoes that can help restore skin cells to their original appearance.
  • It’s hard to squeeze or extract potato juice, so what you’ll do is simply cut a potato and rub the cut area onto your stretch marks.
  • Do this once a day until the stretch marks go away.

2. Castor Oil

  • Many people use castor oil for acne, scars and wrinkles, but it can also be used to make stretch marks disappear.
  • Use castor oil directly on stretch marks. You can purchase the oil at drug stores or online.
  • Consider adding a few drops of vitamin E oil to make the stretch marks go away even faster!

3. Cocoa Butter

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  • Many women use cocoa butter on their stomachs, hips and breasts when they are pregnant and breast-feeding to prevent stretch marks. You can also it to make them go away.
  • It is important to use cocoa butter at least twice a day for it to be affective.
  • Use the cocoa butter on dry and clean skin. Try it when you wake up and when you go to bed. Make sure to use a lot.

4. Egg Whites

  • Protein is one of the main ingredients in egg whites, and you need those proteins and amino acids to repair skin where you have stretch marks.
  • Using a whisk, put 1 to 2 egg whites into a bowl and stir them quickly. You will have a frothy solution. Put the egg whites right onto your stretch marks.
  • Wait until the egg whites dry and harden, then peel what you can away and rinse off the rest with water.

5. Water

  • Remember, simply drinking more water will help your skin to be more moisturized, and this will delay permanent scarring from stretch marks.
  • Try to drink pure, filtered water throughout the day, especially when you first wake up.
  • Aim for 64 ounces of water each day, and half of that can be juice, carbonated water or milk.

6. Alfalfa

  • There are more than 7 vital amino acids in alfalfa, and that makes it a great green for changing the quality of your skin. New growth can happen and stretch mark scars can disappear once and for all.
  • Make a paste by adding a few drops of water to powder of alfalfa. Mix it together, and apply it as a mask to areas where you have stretch marks.
  • Leave the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes being careful not to let it fall off. Repeat daily.

7. Lemon Juice

  • The acid in lemon juice makes it a great abrasive for exfoliating the skin and generating new cell growth. That’s what you want for stretch marks.
  • Simply cut a lemon in half, tenderize the outside so that juice comes out easily, and rub the cut side of the lemon on your stretch marks.
  • Do this once every day to get rid of stretch marks on your skin.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

  • For centuries, aloe vera gel has been used to take care of burns, scars and other skin issues. Today, it is also used to treat stretch marks.
  • Buy an aloe vera plant, and cut off 1 leave. Chop the leave, and squeeze out the gel.
  • Use the gel on stretch marks every time you get out of the shower to get rid of the scars.

9. Olive Oil

  • Use olive oil to moisturize the area of your skin where stretch marks are a problem, and this will help them disappear.
  • Warm up a few tbsp of olive oil, and massage it onto areas where you have stretch marks.
  • Do this every day in the morning and every day in the evening to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

10. Sugar

  • Sugar is soothing when it dissolves and melts, but it makes a great abrasive exfoliant when it’s in its granule form, making it perfect for taking care of stretch marks.
  • Put 1 tbsp of olive oil into 1/4 cup of sugar and mix.
  • Exfoliate your stretch marks with this scrub every other day to see results.

These 10 home remedies for getting rid of stretch marks once and for all will work wonders for you. But you should also keep in mind that stretch marks are perfectly natural and that most people have them. Women mostly get them on their thighs, breasts and stomach, but men even have stretch marks too. Reduce the appearance of these markings with these amazing remedies, but don’t worry too much about those that just can’t to seem to disappear completely.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions below.