Top 10 Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening


Many things can make your teeth darker in hue or slightly stained, and having yellow or brownish-tinged teeth is certainly not a becoming feature! If you want to find out how you can whiten your own teeth, this article is just what you’ve been looking for. Here, we will go over some of the best tried and true home remedies for getting the gleam back into your smile!


1. Use the inside of a banana peel

  • It sounds crazy, but bananas have amazing minerals in them to actually can lighten skin and brighten teeth. That’s why bananas are often a part of skin masks for the face.
  • The banana peel is where it’s at: you’ll find potassium, magnesium and manganese there.
  • Simply peel a banana and rub the peel onto your teeth. Use the inside. Do this for about one minute per day.

2. Grab that hydrogen peroxide

  • You may have used hydrogen peroxide on cuts or even on your hair, but it’s great for whitening your teeth as well. Not only that, but this is a very inexpensive product.
  • Using your normal toothbrush and toothpaste, put a small dab of the toothpaste on your brush, then poor about a capful of the hydrogen peroxide onto the toothpaste and brush.
  • Now start brushing. Brush for your normal amount of time. Do this every morning and every night.

3. Strawberries save the day

  • Bananas aren’t the only fruit that can save the day when it comes to whitening your teeth. Strawberries can help too.
  • Simply put a few strawberries into a bowl and mash them up, then add about a tablespoon of baking soda. Combine the two ingredients and apply to your teeth.
  • Let it sit for about 10 to 20 minutes and then wash off.

4. Olive oil works at whitening teeth

  • Olive oil is often used on the skin or hair to add moisture, but did you know that it can also be used on the teeth to create a whiter smile? It’s true.
  • Simply get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a clean cloth. You can use a wash cloth or a paper towel.
  • Dab a bit of the oil onto the close and rub the cloth over your teeth a few times. Leave the oil on your teeth for about 3 to 4 minutes before wiping away and brushing with your regular toothbrush.

5. Baking soda can go a long way

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  • Baking soda is a go to product when it comes to teeth whitening.
  • Many toothpastes say they will whiten because they have baking soda in them, but it might not always work. It’s best to just use the real thing, so in this case, all you need to do is add baking soda as your toothpaste then use it daily as normal.
  • You can also consider gargling with baking soda and a small amount of lukewarm water every day or at least after each meal to help whiten teeth.

6. Lemon juice is nature’s natural whitener

  • One of the only items that grows freely in nature and can seriously lighten skin and whiten teeth is the lemon. Lemons have lots of acid in them, so they are great at breaking down stains.
  • To use a lemon, just squeeze the juice of one lemon into a bowl and add 2 – 3 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix together well.
  • Next, apply the mixture to your teeth fronts and wait 5 minutes. It may be rather uncomfortable, but neither of these products are bad for you, so if you get them in your mouth, it’s ok. Rinse well.

7. Charcoal

  • Placing something dark black on your teeth to whiten them may sound like a crazy idea, but one of the best remedies for browning or stained teeth is actually charcoal.
  • Make sure you use high quality charcoal that can go in your mouth and crumble some into your toothpaste. Use your toothpaste normally to get brighter teeth.
  • Try to use this method once every night for a few weeks.

8. Margosa

  • Margosa is a plant that is used in many antispetics and astringents, so it’s great for both whitening the teeth and taking care of bad breath as well.
  • The twigs are where the power is, so all you need to do is chew on the twigs every once in a while for the best effect.
  • Alternatively, you can add the oil of margosa twigs to the toothpaste that you usually use and use as usual.

9. Holy Basil

  • Holy basil has been known as a great lightener and whitener for many centuries.
  • You’ll need dried holy basil leaves to do the trick. Set out some leaves in the sun to let them get dry and crispy.
  • Crumble them into your toothpastes each time you brush your teeth in the morning and at night to get a whiter and brighter smile.

10. Salt

  • Salt has actually been used as a teeth cleaning agent for many hundreds of years. It used to be the main type of toothpaste.
  • You can either use salt alone or mix it with a little baking soda.Simply pour salt over a wet toothbrush, and use it on your teeth as a toothbrush. It will take away impurities and whiten teeth over time.
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One of the best things about these home remedies is that they can be done at the drop of a hat and they are also inexpensive. You don’t need to make an appointment with your dentist to get a whitening, and moreover, you don’t have to pay for one! These are all home remedies using products that you probably already have.

In addition, these products never cost very much, so you’ll be saving yourself money. Use these home remedies whenever you notice that your pearly whites are looking anything less than pearly white!


Overall,  I hope you enjoy this article,  and as always,  I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.