Treatment for Bald Spots on Head


The truth is that everyone loses hair each day. It is normal to see strands of hair on the ground in your bathroom or around the house. Just like dogs do, we shed our hair as humans occasionally. But if you are losing hair in large patches and tufts yeah, this can be embarrassing for many men and women, and it might be something that you will want to change.


What Could Be Causing Bald Spots on the Head?

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Both men and women can experience bald spots on their heads. Balding in general is not always a sign of aging, and it is also not always a sign that something is wrong medically either, but hair that is disappearing in tufts or patches is something that you should pay attention to because it could be a sign of something serious.

The following is a list of things that might be causing you to experience bald spots on your head.

  • 1.Stress and anxiety – Believe it or not, stress and anxiety from daily life can also actually cause you to lose your hair.
  • 2. DNA and genes – One of the most common reasons that people lose their hair is because they have DNA from their parents and grandparents that causes them to have the hair last gene.
  • 3. The way you style your hair – This is usually something that has to do with women. Many women use harsh styling products like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers on their hair, and this can cause breakage and hair loss overall.
  • 4. Hair styling products – In addition to hurting your hair with the styles you choose to use, the products you choose to use can also cause your hair to fall out. Make sure to read ingredients carefully before you purchase products such as mousse, hairspray and hair gel.
  • 5. Age – It is also true that the older you get, the more your hair will fall out, and it will also break more easily because you will not have as healthy follicles as you did in your youth.
  • 6. Bad nutrition – Sometimes, if you’re not eating enough or getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, bad nutrition can cause you to lose your hair.
  • 7. Medications you are taking – Some medications may cause hair loss. Talk to your doctor about switching medications if you suspect this could be the case.
  • 8. Disease or illness – Finally, keep in mind disease and illness can also cause hair loss, so if you suspect that this could be the case for you and you are experiencing other symptoms of the body or mind, contact your doctor as soon as possible for more information.

Try the Hair Loss Laser Comb

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The hair loss laser comb is actually a comb that glides over your head and has lasers on it. The companies that produce these combs claim that the lasers actually stimulate the hair follicles to grow hair.

In order to see the best success with these hair loss laser combs, you need to use them on your hair three times per week, and you likely won’t see great results until you have been using the combs for at least a few months. You also want to try these combs as soon as you notice that hair is falling out. When follicles are not too damaged, they work the best. These comes can be found online or in some beauty supply stores.

Try the Hair Loss Laser Helmet

The hair loss laser helmet works in a similar fashion to the laser comb, but it is slightly more expensive, and it allows you to simply sit under the helmet while the lasers activate hair growth so that you don’t actually have to use a comb and drag it across your hair three times a week. Many people prefer this method of use, and it has seen a lot of success especially with men who are not completely bald but have a lot of patches of baldness on their heads. These can be found online and in select beauty supply stores

What About Transplant Surgery?

There is also a hair transplant surgery as an option. This is the most expensive method of treating your hair for bald spots, but it is extremely successful. Keep in mind that hair transplantation is not the same as skin grafting. Your skin will not be moved, but hair will be moved from other arts of your body. In most cases with men, hair is taken from the back of the head where it tends to grow more abundantly and where you could not see that it had been taken after the surgery. They hair is then move to the front of the head to replenish areas where it typically thins on most men.

Learning to Hide Your Bald Spots

Last, but not least there are a few things that you can do to actually hide the bald spots that you are experiencing. You can use these tips, tricks and tactics for various causes of balding spots for example if the treatments listed above did not work for you or if you haven’t tried to use them yet.

For example, many men choose to shave their heads when they discover that they are experiencing balding patches. This almost creates the illusion that you particularly chose to have no hair on your head. Other men simply keep their hair at a shorter length, and finally, many men grow out their facial hair in an attempt to balance out the fact that they have less hair on their head.

Women who have a lot of hair loss may choose to wear wigs on their heads. In many ways, this can add a new fashion statement to their style because they can choose wigs in all different colors, textures and styles. For women, scarves are often used as well, or the hair is grown very long and it is able to easily cover up areas where there is sparse hair.

And finally, both men and women can attempt to use colored powders or lotions that will hide the color of their scalp if they have patches of baldness, and of course, hats are always able to be used.

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